More Uzbek travels

We were up early and walked to the spot where it was possible to get a shared taxi to to Urget.

At the market we eventually found the old textiles section – buying a couple of pieces was quite stressful as everyone really wanted us to buy something and we had to bargain hard.

I bought some braid and and a small modern piece – no bargaining needed for this and they were really cheap


On the way home we visited Konigil to see paper being made and got the bus back. Getting a local bus always causes lots of local watching us. Bus fare about 10p for a 40minute ride.

More markets


With plenty of time in Samarkand we visited mosques etc. It was really one of those, pinch yourself times – were we really standing in front of such magnificent buildings?


We stumbled across the craft centre in Samarkand – beautiful shops


On our 3rd day I thought maybe we should make some plans, no one speaks much English but the hostel owners son was helpful and suggested if we wanted to book an internal flight the only way to do it would be to go to an agent.

How we’re going to pay for a flight?

There is really only one note in circulation  a 1000 som note worth about 13p. If you are lucky you may get a 500 and really lucky if you can get hold of a 5000, so whenever you exchange any money say £50 you get a brick load.

So to book our 2 internal flights meant a taxi ride out to Samarkand airport to pay and book the flights. What an archaic system.


I tried to pay with a credit card but the only one that I was able to use was my Halifax visa debit card.

They tried 5 of my different cards

Booking a train ticket was also difficult – through an agent we managed to get 2 vip tickets to Bukhara departing at lunchtime.


Vip meant a coffee in the lounge and a tea on the train.

At 4 in the afternoon we arrived into Bukhara – we stayed in a cheap hotel- 10$ a night each including breakfast. I know that seems really cheap – it was nice, and for breakfast we had porridge and eggs,



3 thoughts on “More Uzbek travels

  1. Wow!! Your trip looks amazing, fabulous pictures as usual, can’t wait to see them translated into more wonderful artwork! Safe travels x

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