Uzbek adventures

One day at a time…..

 I am often asked about some of my trips? 

Do you need to go with a group?

Is it possible to organise a trip yourself?

I have written up my experiences of independent travel in a country such as Uzbekistan 

Is it all about confidence, experience of travel, being with someone you trust, or is it all about having a high level of tolerance of discomfort? 

I have included lots of my photos – they speak for themselves and don’t really need any explanation

Why do I love independent travel so much….a sense of freedom, seeing what I want and when I want, at my speed

Above all it is about people watching, looking around me, seeing and being part of the the unexpected 

I love to stay in cheap hostels and hotels, travel on local buses and trains etc I could travel in protected luxury and stay in much more expensive hotels but I like the budget option – people talk to you more, they don’t see you as a posh westerner and someone who should be ripped off but just a normal person.

Here goes….

I am getting closer to 60 years old than I really want to be  but I can put a rucksack on my back, sleep in cheap hotels,  can walk at least 35,000 steps a day, so maybe I’m really only 25.

The last few months have been so stressful that I decided it was time for a bit of a treat, and to feel free from everyday responsibilities.

My Daughter had booked a week off work. We usually try to have an interesting holiday ( always good for her if mum – or this time granny was paying)

I have always wanted to go to Uzbekistan ( along with Mexico, Guatemala, and Ghana) so we found some cheap flights departing on a Friday night – an overnight flight arriving into Tashkent early in the morning. With Festival of Quilts taking up lots of my time to get everything ready I had had no time to really do any research. Whenever I tried to find train times etc different websites gave different times – even the guy on seat61 said – don’t trust any timetable.

In the end we just decided to go with nothing at all booked. I had the lonely planet – Uzbekistan chapter of Central Asia guide book downloaded on to my phone.

The only thing I was really concerned about was the money situation. I changes £20 into dollars  and took some pounds and euros.

This was a good decision but it would have been better to have taken all dollars

Arriving at Tashkent we went straight to the bazaar in a taxi, we had had very little sleep as the airline would not serve any food until the seat belt sign had been turned off. 3 hours after dinner, breakfast was served.

As we had expected the taxi driver was hasseling us to change money on the black market with him. We didn’t but actually his rate was the going rate.

The bazaar was a good place to start and we saw some fabulous craft work and just watched it all happen around us. There were no other tourists anywhere.


Tashkent is a city with many modern buildings and seemed quite big.

After the bazaar we made a visit to the applied arts museum – a very tranquil  place and a good introduction to the arts of Uzbekistan


We planned to stay our first night in Samarkand so that we could go to the very big bazaar in Urget on a Sunday.

We took a shared taxi to Samarkand


Our $20 lasted all day – it was going to be a cheap holiday!

We stayed our first night at Emir,s B and B. Room was lovely and so was the breakfast in the courtyard. All for £13 each, and right next to a beautiful mosque and near Registan square


more to follow….



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