More Uzbekistan photos

On the third night we moved and treated ourselves to a a boutique hotel, with beautiful rooms. It was low season so there was plenty of space in the hotels and we were often the only ones there


Hotel Bibi Khanum – absolutely beautiful!

Owner speaks fluent English

Out of season means hot during the day but I did not find it too hot and it was very pleasant at night   – not too hot at all.

There are so many beautiful buildings and shops in Bukhara


We stumbled across a fabulous collection of ethnic textiles in a shop


More amazing buildings everywhere



More markets and street stalls


IMG_9779IMG_9717IMG_9711IMG_9735IMG_9733IMG_9734IMG_9731IMG_9669IMG_9655IMG_1094IMG_0976IMG_0975IMG_0960IMG_0753IMG_0677 (1)

It seems that everyone gets Ill in Uzbekistan –

We usually manage to eat lots of street food but the only street food to eat is a comsa – like a pasty. Sometimes delicious, sometimes leather like pastry.

So it was my turn – very very sick – serves me right really as the day before I had said I never got sick

The  next day the 7 hour taxi ride to Khiva on very bumpy roads was hard when you feel so sick!


Was Khiva really going to be worth going to?

We checked into another basic hotel. The room was cheap and it was clean. The breakfast bread stale, but the melon and eggs delicious.

In the hotel an older man the owner was slobbing around the hotel in his tracky bottoms but his son’s English was really good and he was keen to practice – he gave me some lessons on how to use my iPhone 6 – I love these travel moments.

Khiva is just beautiful and I took hundreds of photos – it is lovely – no cars – it felt like Khiva hadn’t changed much in 20 years


We spent a lovely day going around all the sights in Khiva. I had wanted to take the iconic picture of Khiva in the evening sun but the watch tower was closed for a special event. I’m happy with the photos I did take.

More markets etc




The next day we headed off in a taxi to Nukus with the usual taxi driver, driving very fast and no seat belts – that’s not true there are seat belts but no body chooses to use them and in the back seat it is impossible to find the catch. I was laughed at when I automatically put my seat belt on when I sat in the front.

The only reason for going to Nukus was to see the Savitsky collection. I was at first, a little disappointed as I had expected more ethnographic textiles however there is an amazing collection of Avant Guarde Russian art work there, and well worth visiting



Here are just some photos

Nukus is a god forsaken place – the reason for the collection being hidden there 

There is really nothing else in the town, Katie was feeling sick now so there was nothing else to do but sit and wait for our flight to Tashkent

It was about 37 degrees

Arriving into Tashkent at 23.00, we did the usual hassle for a taxi, checked into a trendy hostel that appeared to be in the middle of now where. The guy on the desk could speak very little English.


We set the alarm for 5.45 so that we could get the flight at 7.30 to Fergana

It all seems a good idea when booking it all.

Stepping out of the hostel at 6.00am we had no idea where we were, no one seemed to be about, we walked towards what seemed like a main road and eventually found a taxi.

The airport seemed a little closer that it had been a few hours earlier, – he had taken us to the International not the domestic airline! Another taxi and we arrived in time!

We arrived into Fergana with no money left. Lots of notes makes you think you have loads of money

Before we could do anything we needed some money, a taxi took us to the bazaar where the black market money exchangers usually are. They don’t really like pounds sterling but with a few phone calls and a little persuasion we managed always to exchange our money.

So many photos – more to come


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