Last Uzbek photos

Next we had to find somewhere to stay. Very few tourists go to fergana – there were some posh hotels and a homestay in an ex soviet block. Eventually we found Valentina’s a bed and breakfast place owned by an older Russian lady dressed in a very colourful sun dress with a silk flower in her hair hanging out of the window, beckoning us to come in

Kitch  decor, big bunches of silk flowers, shiny wall paper all for 15$ a night.

Showered and ready to go we walked to the bazaar or area where you can get a taxi to catch a shared taxi to the biggest market in the area that is only on on a Sunday and a Thursday.


We bought old silk, new Ikat cotton, China, plates, necklaces, rope etc

We looked at the guide book to see where to go for some food or a drink

Cafe Bravo

Here is the menu translated into English


The unexpected can happen when travelling. Everyone at the cafe seemed very friendly and their English was good.

One of the owners of the cafe came to chat to us – the word had got around that there were some English women in the cafe. There were no other tourists about.

He really wanted to practice his English

It was lovely we drank large glasses of beer for 40p listening to George Esra and Lady Gaga

A very pleasant evening

For our last day we planned an ambitious day

We met up with Aibek, his friend and driver took us to the silk factory, having potato Comsa’s for breakfast, then on to the Craft Centre in Margalan, back to Fergana for coffee and cake. We then took a taxi to Rishon to see the ceramics museum and on to Kokand


A lovely day and it was good to talk about life in Uzbekistan

–  most families eat at home

– meals seem to be bread based ( day old Bread seems to be ok if you like eating leather)

– bread is eaten with everything – it all looks good but tastes awful


– girls marry young are slim when they get married but soon become fat

IMG_1126 (1)

– food is disgusting most of the time – very fatty, very greasy and desperately needs some herbs and spices. Everything is meat based.

– there are fresh vegetables in the market so all the ingredients are there but the food is just so bad!



Salad is generally just sliced tomato and the odd bit of cucumber and sliced onion

So give me middle eastern Israeli food any day and I’ll pass on central Asian food!!

So with a very long taxi our trip came to an end

Another amazing trip!

Just a few thoughts

We travel very light, washing our clothes as we go. This gives us the freedom to carry our bags all day if need be. (It will be good to wear some different clothes this week)

Keep fit and you can travel like a teenager!

It cost very little, so I can go again and again

Have confidence, and trust your gut feeling


The people are so lovely and hospitable


It is such a police state it is so safe

The buildings are amazing

The craft work is everywhere

The hot weather just suits me

Internet is so so slow

Pattern is everywhere!!

So where next



I will be going to Norway teaching on  a cruise next July

Maybe Mexico?

Now I need to think, reflect, organise my photos, make some quilts, reorganise my website ……the list is endless….but on a cold dark night I will think of those beautiful days in Khiva and the colourful markets in Fergana, 


5 thoughts on “Last Uzbek photos

  1. Once again your photos tell the story all by themselves. I am always amazed how you seem to get at least 36 hours out of each day!!

  2. Wow Gillian thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. What colour and pattern can’t wait to see the quilts you make from this inspiration .

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