At home

This week I have been doing a lot of preparing, and some local teaching.

I have a vague plan for a new book showing how to make the townscape quilts that i have made so am trying to make some more townscape quilts based on the photos I have taken in Porto, Uzbekistan and South Africa

I have an exhibition at Cowslip Studio in August next year with Sheena Norquay and Hilary Gooding showing some of our South Africa quilts so I decided to make another quilt similar to my “On the Edge” Quilt, but this time use only Schweschwe fabric. I plan to stitch it whilst i will be at UWE in Bristol next weekend.


The photo looks a bit darker than it really is

I taught at Hebden Bridge a couple of days last week doing a Townscapes design course. Here are some of the students artwork


I am planning a long thin quilt 6m x 25cm based on my photos of Costa Nova in Portugal. It is only at the beginning but here it is


With such beautiful weather this week I have out with my camera. I have been photographing Sowerby Bridge. It is, what Glynne Hughes in his book “Millstone Grit” referred to as neglectedfully wrecked but in the sunshine looks fabulous especially if you look up at the details on the buildings





One thought on “At home

  1. Just wow! I’m in Tokyo right now and thinking of now doing a long thin quilt using the stamping your students have done but will have to find a course near Gloucester to learn some printing techniques first
    Love seeing your work
    Thank you

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