My quilts are packed and I am ready for a few days in Bristol where I have a gallery space to display all my Interchange applique quilts and my Counterchange Jumper quilts.

It will be good to see lots of friends and lets hope for lots of visitors and students to attand the workshops I am giving.


I have been working on finishing quilts and getting ready for the show in France in February.

Here is my International threads quilts – Integration. It is the first proper quilt based on Uzbekistan. I could make another in a similar way using Jerusalem as a source of inspiration.

It is 40cm x 80cm – paint and applique with some added print and screen print

The patterns in the bottom squares are


  •  bread
  • pottery
  • suzani (although the blue colour makes it a bit lost in the background)
  • pomegranate
  • jugs seen in the museum
  • the walls around Khiva
  • etc


Always love my quilts when they are inspired by fabulous holidays

Happy memories of being in Khiva

I am teaching a new workshop as part of a 2 day course at institches


Food is always good and I am looking forward to seeing Hazel and Terry’s new studio




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