West County Quilt Show

I’ve just returned from having an exhibition at the West County Quilt Show

It is a lovely show, smaller than the FOQ but has some good galleries and has a lovely relaxed feel. This is the second time I have exhibited here and I returned again as I like it, for a few reasons. The organisers are lovely to deal with and I was even brought a cup of tea  by Charlotte in the afternoon. Where else can I have such a huge white space to display my work?

We even get some help to hang our quilts. Thanks Paul.

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Having done a few shows it is always good to reflect on each of the shows. I think carefully about doing them and if they have been a good experience. It is not just about how many books, kits I sell.

It is good to see friendsand students who I have taught and fellow exhibitors , and we do have a lot of fun


Thanks Stephanie, Paula and Marion for your good company! and hospitality.

and for a nice early morning walk

I enjoyed seeing the items for sale on Linladan stall,

www. linladan.com and I just had to buy some things

I bought a few new things from Colourcraft


and some fabric


and I cant resist a few other bits and pieces


Here are just a few photos of quilts that I liked – sorry i didn’t record all the makers


Angela Knapp



Here is my “On the Edge piece” as part of the CQ Gallery


I did a little teaching but the classes were not very well attended – pity as they really are good value for money. I guess there is a lot to see at the show and there is always u tube to learn new skills.


Having a gallery space and doing it all on your own is hard, so here are my reflections

– no one to stand on your stand when you need to go to the toilet (best not to drink much),

  • you need eyes everywhere (believe it or not – things go missing regularly – this time I had 2 kits stolen),
  • you need to develop a very thick skin, I do wish some ladies would think…So when I hear the words “they have done it like this…” the “they” is me – only me, me that gets up at 6 to answer emails, fill in forms, finish quilts etc etc and works flat out all week. No one done the stitching for me.
  • “She’s done it like this”….She is me and I am only a couple of feet from you. You could always ask me actually how I have made the quilt. I am generally very happy to explain although it is always better if you buy a book but is too compulsary. I usually find the “expert” is not correct but do I interrupt and tell them so?
  • “Can I see the back?” Why? I cannot understand the obsession with seeing the back. Is it to prove that I cant be as good on the back as the front. I generally put false backs on my quilts so it is just a piece of fabric with a few quilted lines on it. So definitly not worth looking at.
  • It is always nice to be asked if photographs are allowed. My quilts are all on the web, pinterest etc so I don’t mind but it is nice to be asked
  • There are some people who think it is perfectly acceptable to put their dirty hands all over my quilts and use their finger nails to poke at my quilts to see how I have made them, and are completely surprised when i say “Please don’t touch my quilts” Notices saying please do not touch, make absolutely no difference

So after a few long days there are many trips carrying heavy things to the car and then a long long drive home often in the rain. At least when i arrive home, my husband usually helps me unload my car and makes me a drink!

I need to go to my exercise class today to ensure I am fit enough to be able to do another show!!

Ok my rant is over

My next show is the show in Paris, but I have a busy few weeks ahead doing lots of teaching

I have some new work to do – just a new idea to develop




4 thoughts on “West County Quilt Show

  1. Thank you for sharing all this Gillian! Really lovely work from yourself and other very clever people!
    Oh yes…the general public…so much could be said but disgusted at the thefts! Thoughtless remarks are hurtful at worst and stupid at best but there’s no excuse for theft!

  2. Great pictures and interesting comments. True after answering the same question all over again, saying please don’t touch and so on, we can ask why are we doing all this? For the nice friendships any the good laughing with other artists. Well done Gillian. Cheers!

  3. Oh Gillian! Your summary comments on the last show sounded really weary! It must be hard to keep up your spirits when you are on your own and have to be relatively polite to those ignorant customers. But the work looked lovely. Hopefully you can at least avoid long road journeys and annoying people in the next few weeks! Jill

  4. I could feel. Your frustration, most people are lovely but some are so rude. Looking forward to seeing you in Hebden tomorrow. Lynne

    Sent from my iPad Lynne Elwell Partners in policymaking 07825433517


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