Christmas Holidays

When I first started writing a blog probably at least 8 years ago I used to think why do i need to write it, who reads it, etc etc but now I realise that I actually like writing it, as it makes me think about what I have been doing in the last week or so. A couple of weeks over Christmas, yes, maybe I have had to be a domestic goddess but it is lovely to have the family back home, and I have a very busy Spring ahead of me when i will be away quite a bit.

The weather has been good and I have done lots of walking and even a park run on Christmas day, along with 550 others


Walks close to home


and another visit to Northumberland


And to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Not Vital


Kate Daudy


Angela Harding


I have an International Threads Quilt to make “Hand Stitched” is the title so here is a start based on my Uzbek plates


It will take a while to finish, I’ll stitch them one at a time when I am on trains and planes etc. So, now, I can listen to audio books on my phone, stitch and travel on a plane all at the same time. Recently I have listened to Sheltering Rain , Honeymoon in Paris by JoJo Moyes, Return to the Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriquez and now am listening to Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts – all excellent!

I have been working on a new project for the V and A. I don’t really think I should say too much here but I will in time – thankfully it has been accepted.

Here is a sneak preview


I have been making kits up ready for the show in Paris in February – not my favourite job


and my latest quilt is finished (note the variegated thread)


and now, apart from completing my tax return form, I really want to make a Journal Quilt or one for Voyage – I have an idea for the next few that have a theme Freedom.

Updating my website and filling in my tax return form are top priority.




4 thoughts on “Christmas Holidays

  1. Pleased to hear the V&A work has been accepted and that you have embraced variegated threads at last. 😄😄 Love the sculpture park pieces.

  2. Great news re the V&A work – well deserved. Don’t ever stop writing your blogs and giving us all those great photographs. Have a great year – looking forward to sharing some of it with you.

  3. Love the new hand stitched quilt, the plates that inspired it are pretty beautiful too! Sounds like you have your journeys all organised, great idea to listen to books and sew at the same time, never a wasted moment…happy new year, see you in Sidmouth!

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