January is always a quiet month for teaching, it’s good, it gives me a chance to catch up, think up some new ideas etc, however, I do miss the company of students.

I am about to have a few very busy months so I wanted to get ahead with some of my teaching samples and CQ quilts. This week I have done something that I have always told my students never to do. I have made JQ’s January – August all in January. Don’t tell anyone. I won’t post them yet and I may even change them or rather do more.

Here they are. They are all inspired by Uzbekistan.


Need to do something about this guy’s face – he looks a bit like a monkey


These are all 11″ square. Some are painted and appliqued others just appliqued. Now I just need to use them as samples for a larger piece.

I sent off my project to the V and A and it has been photographed


I have been asked to write a project for a new book on patchwork and quilting. My brief was to design a project inspired by the quilt below, it was made in the 19th century using an intarsia technique similar to my jumper quilts. You might just be able to make out the hearts, spades and club motifs on the corners











Here is a very low resolution photo of how it will appear in the book,


and here is a photo of one of the finished child’s toy or hanging decoration


I’m working on some new teaching ideas based on Uzbekistan plates – all about circles and have  been playing with the circle attachment and flower stitcher, using my little used Janome machine – my samples are not worth posting yet

Beautiful weather yesterday and I just had to get out on the hills


This morning I joined 70 others for the launch of the new routines for the exercise classes I go to. I must be mad to decide to to Body Attack followed by Body Combat – loud music, a dark hall and some very fit and slim girls . I love it!

It was held at the leisure centre just near North bridge – Look at all the patterns. I really should use these photos as inspiration to make a quilt for the new “Made in Europe 2 ” SAQA exhibition






4 thoughts on “January

  1. Don’t ever stop writing your blog. When I need a lift or just a bit of a push to get up and go all I need to do is look at your blog. Love the new work and I’m sure the shapes in the photos will turn up in something soon. Jealous that you got more sunshine and snow than we did snow lasted about 30 minutes here. Sun has disappeared from out horizon altogether.

  2. Great quilts Gillian! So that’s most of 2017 done and dusted!
    I was in the north bridge area recently and was similarly impressed by the lovely shapes and patterns. I love that space, it’s full of inspiring views and textures. Would be a brilliant inspiration for a project.

  3. Happy New Year Gillian! You have me all a buzz & excited to get started. It’s like spring has sprung. I want to get printing after seeing your blog. I love your new work & can’t wait to catch up & see it for real. Missing you & our fabric girls. Did they tell you they’re sneaking a visit to us? X

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