New Workshop

I made this piece of work about 18 months ago. It was inspired by a photograph I took when I was staying with a good friend and quilter Shoshi. I went for an early morning swim and watched 5 lovely elderly ladies who apparently swim every morning.



I’ve done a couple more small quilts that will be teaching samples. i will be teaching how to make one of these quilts at the Bramble Patch in July.

These are A4 and A3 size

IMG_1525 IMG_1524


I returned home last night after a weekend in Nottingham teaching at a Quilters Guild Regional day. We made felt on Friday, I have always wanted to teach quilters how to make very thin felt. I have made several of my small journal Quilts using home made felt – perhaps I will start a new trend?

On Sunday we used the Flower stitcher and experimented with some of my favourite threads – Wonderfil’s Spagetti and Accent and Aurifil’s Lana.

We also experimented making mock shisha glass using foils and machine stitch

I hope all the students learnt a lot! I have had some lovely feedback.



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